Natural Language Interaction

NLI technology makes it possible to build solutions that understand questions and requests that are spoken or written in everyday natural language, and that can maintain a humanlike, intelligent dialogue with the user.

Different persons express a specific question in different ways, using different sentence structures and words.

When a person asks a question or expresses a request, she does often not include all the information that is needed to really understand what she means - her intention.

Instead of forcing the users to adapt to the predefined structure of a web site or a knowledge base, a good NLI system acts as the "interpreter" between the natural language used by humans and the structured content in the system.

What is needed from a good NLI solution?

The interpretation dilema

The NLI solution must be able to interpret the many thousand ways a question, request or problem can be expressed.

However, it is crucial that the NLI solution does not "think" that it has understood the user when it has in fact not!
We certainly do not want to give out customers the wrong answers!

Systems that use simple key word matching or "semantic search" are just simply not good enough!

We need powerful technology that can analyze the user input with
specific interpretation rules that are
based on the user intention

It is also important that the solution offers a transparent interpretation process
so that we always understand
why a specific answer was given.

It must be easy!​

We expect to start using a new software or mobile application without the need to read a manual or perform complex installs.

When a company wants to apply NLI technology to straight forward customer support it should not be necessary to suffer through a complex, time consuming and costly development project or to be dependent on external specialist consultants.

Staff come and go and we want their replacement to take over the managment of the the knowledge base without loosing time on extensive training.

Future Proof

Your initial needs might be met with a simple FAQ system. But what happens when you also want it to resolve complex problems for your customers?

You will probably want to include other product groups and divisions? Or you need to integrate with your CRM system? Or use the solution also
for proactive ecommerce?

Perhaps you later on want to roll out the solution to other markets with different languages. Or serve your customers
also through SMS, social media,
smartphones, and by voice...

Your needs will change and it is crucial
that your NLI platform meet those needs already today!