gives you access to advanced NLI technology
without the complexity.

The knowledge base is easily created and maintained,
based on user intentions.

Specific interpretation rules are automatically generated and are used by the powerful NLI engine to manage
thousands of concurrent sessions in multiple languages.

You just need to focus on the content.

Advanced functionality - Made easy

Content Management

The intuitive web based interface
minimizes the need for training.​

Sort, search and filter on any field
gives you full control of your content.

Use Issue Categories to get a complete overview of the knowledge.

Flexible data permission rules protect your data and let multiple content managers collaborate in a controlled way.

A simple work flow process defines what changes need to be approved before they are published.

The response (or part of it) can be dynamically retreived
from external systems.

Issue Structures

A range of Issue Types makes it easy
to add both simple knowledge
and complex multistep dialogues.

Simple FAQs - Question & answer.
Glossary - "What does X mean?"
Multistep Flows - Multiple interactions are required to resolve the issue.

Disambigution nodes are automatically generated to ensure that clarification questions are asked whenever the user input is not clear.

Issue Group so that related issues are suggested to the user whenever he asks something related to that topic.

Answers and Actions​

The answer text can be separated in a
"chat section" and in an
"extended view area", with more complete information, images, videos or other rich media.

Links to additional content can open
either in the main window, the extended view area or in a new window.

Ambiguous situations are managed by displaying related FAQs or asking the user a clarification question.

Actions such as sending an email or updating a CRM system can be defined.

Automatic handover to a human
agent can be offered
if jabberBrain identifies that such channel would be a better alternative.


The automatially generated Interpretation Rules can easily be modified and additional rules can be manually added.

The multistep interpretation process and the specific interpretation rules ensure
that the intention of the user
is understood.

Spelling mistakes are managed by configurable algorithms.

Ambiguous user input is clarified
with context management or by asking clarification questions to the user.

The transparent interpretation process ensures that you always understand why a certain answer was given.

Managed Machine Learning allows the system to self learn in a controlled way.


Issue Categories in multiple dimensions can be used to track
what your users are asking.

Each step of the dialogue is tracked; "issue identified", "step N in the resolution process", "issue resolved".

Quality Assurance reports identify
additional knowledge to be added as well as answers that do not seem to
fulfill the need of the users.

Business Intelligence reports help you meet your business intelligence needs.

You can also import the log files to your own Business Intelligence system.

Future Proof

Use the same solution to serve your users on the web, through smartphone apps, via SMS, with text based chat
or voice based interactions.

jabberBrain is currently available in English,Spanish, Portuguese and
Swedish, but the underlying platform covers over 30 languages so we can easily set up jabberBrain for
more languages.

Data can be dynamically retrieved from external systems and used for context to drive the dialogue or be included in the answers that are presented to the user.

Whatever your future needs are you can feel comfortable that your solution is based on the same advanced platform that corporations such as AT&T, Shell
and Vodafone are using.