Conversational Artificial Intelligence

Want an Intelligent Virtual Assistant

that really helps your customers?

That is
Cognitive and Intention focussed
Easy to Build and Maintain
Future Proof

Natural Language Interaction on Tap

The power of Conversional AI -  without the complexity

Cognitive and

Intention Focussed

You want to be sure that all relevant
questions are properly understood
and correctly answered.

Perhaps some of the issues are complex
and require a multistep dialogue
to be resolved.

Sophisticated semantic algorithms
together with the power
of our NLI platform
ensures that your JabberBrain
understands the intention
of your customers
and resolves also complex issues.

Easy to

Build and Maintain

Build your JabberBrain in a few weeks
- without any programming skills.

You can focus on the content.
The sophisticated semantic algorithms
and the power of the NLI platform takes
care of the complex stuff!

The interpretation process is transparent,
so you will always know why
a certain answer was given.

You are in control!

Future Proof

50 daily interactions today,
10.000 tomorrow?

Simple FAQs today,
complex issue resolution tomorrow?

One language in one channel today,
30 languages in multiple channels for
both text and speech tomorrow?

JabberBrain scales beautifully and
grows with your needs.

The solution is built on the most
advanced NLI platform available, already
trusted by some of the best known
brands in the world.